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How to place order at

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1. After you had added items to shopping cart and want to finalize the order. You may press "Cart" button as shown at above

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2. This screen will displayed. If you are new to our webpage, you need to "Create account". Else, please proceed with "Log in"

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3. If "Create account" is selected, above screen will displayed and you need to key in yours name, email and password to login to, press "Continue". You also can select "Continue with Facebook" to login to, means, our webpage will using yours FB account to login.

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4. Account is successful created and you may key in email and password to login to Else, you may "Login with Line" or "Continue with Facebook"

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5. Above screen displayed, means, you had login successfully to Press "Cart".

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6. Items in shopping cart is shown. Press "Check Out" if want to continue with check out.

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7. Fill in shipping information and press "Continue".

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8. Add remarks and discount code (if any) and press "Continue".

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9. If you want make payment by "Credit Card or Debit Card", please select option A, else, please select option B for "Online Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit"

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10. If select option A - payment by "Credit Card or Debit Card", above PayPal screen will display and you have Paypal account, you may login with yours PayPal account, else, please select "Pay with Bank Account or Credit Card".

11. If option "Pay with Bank Account or Credit Card" is selected

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12. Above screen will displayed, you need to key in yours credit card or debit card information to PayPal for payment.

13. If "Pay with Bank Account or Credit Card" selected, below screen will be display.

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14. Once payment had been transferred to mentioned account, please reply our email or drop us message to confirm it. 


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